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How Chop-Cloc works

Chop-Cloc is a clever concept but also very simple.

Chop-Cloc is a revolutionary new way to reduce energy consumption in central heating systems. It automatically turns the heating off for the portion in every hour you select. This reduces your energy consumption over the whole heating year and saves you money on bills whilst very effectively maintaining the comfort level you set. It's not a thermostat - but you could call it a comfostat as it is designed to control your comfort in a more economical way.

We are so confident in Chop-Cloc's effectiveness that if you use it for a year, and you don't save at least its cost, we'll give you the difference back*. 

*This means the difference between the cost of energy saved in comparison to the previous years usage, and the total cost of Chop-Cloc paid by the customer, excluding fitting.  Requires full records of year on year utility bills from both 'chopped' and previous year. Savings will be calculated on the heating portion of usage and corrected using heating degree days to reflect any differences in yearly external temperature profiles.

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How Chop-Cloc Works