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  • Different

    Why is it different to a thermostat?

    Thermostats read air temperature which is not a good indicator of how you really feel. Chop-Cloc allows for the radiant heat which gets stored in the walls and furniture. It takes into account the time it takes for this radiant heat to disappear which allows for more boiler off time and a reduction in the heating fuel required.

  • Where does it fu?

    The Dog Walker

    When you leave the house for a short time turn Chop-Cloc up a segment or two, and back down when you return- you'll save more but still come back to a warm house.

  • The 30 Start

    The 30 Start

    To save energy keep the chop setting as high as you can whilst staying warm and comfortable - try it first at 30, and go up or down from there. It’s all about getting the balance right for your home and those in it.

  • Oil or Gas?

    The Chop Down

    If you feel a bit too cool at the current chop setting, just turn it down by one segment. Chop-Cloc knows you need more heat and the bottom light turns orange immediately to show the boiler is now back ON.

  • Hot Water

    The Chop Up

    Feeling more than comfortable? Then you could probably save a bit more.Turn your chop setting up by one segment and the light goes green to show you have chopped your heating OFF.

  • Does it replace my thermostat?

    The Sudden Boost

    When your heating system is off for the season but you need a bit of warmth as a boost, set Chop-Cloc to '0' warmstart and, say 45, then when you hit the main timer boost, Chop-Cloc will give you 15 mins of boost immediately, not the full waste of energy hour you might normally get.

  • No Thermostat

    What if I don't have a thermostat?

    You can still fit Chop-Cloc if you don't have a thermostat. Chop-Cloc will work as your primary heating control and you will now be able to control your comfort and make big savings on your bills.

  • Combi Boiler

    Will Chop-Cloc work with my combi boiler?

    Yes, Chop-Cloc is ideally suited to work with combis as the hot water circuit is independent to the timed demand for heating.

  • Boiler Wear

    Will it cause faster wear on my boiler?

    No, in fact it will prolong your boiler life as the boiler will need to fire less often.