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This is Chop-Cloc. The easiest way to reduce
your heating bills. Watch the video to see how:

Saving with Chop-Cloc is very simple:

Chop-Cloc is a new way to manage your home comfort. It works alongside your current thermostat or on its own. However, it's not a thermostat itself, you could call it a comfostat - a way to control your comfort. Chop-Cloc heats your home more efficiently allowing you to stay more comfortable for less money. People who already have a Chop-Cloc say that it is very simple to use and they notice immediate savings on their central heating bills. We call what Chop-Cloc does 'Chopping'. By using time based heating control to create more OFF time, Chop-Cloc reduces how much fuel is used by your boiler without affecting how you feel.

  • Piggy Bank

    Users save an average of 16% off their bills

  • Chop Arrow

    Fully adjustable means maximum savings

  • Electrician

    Fits in less than 1 hour by a qualified electrician

  • Purse

    Pays for itself in saved energy within just 12 months

  • Reduces

    Reduces overwork of your central heating system

  • Ticked

    Works with most water-based central heating systems